Aysha Music

·    To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying

How did you go about achieving this?
We thought of some words that ryhme and linked the words to bulling and the thought of a tune to go with it.

What resources were used to help you?
We used a sheet of ryhming words that Mr McCallum gave us also our thinking brains and things we know about bulling.

Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people?
I Collaborated with Jessica and Mackenzi and we made a great rap.

How did you find the process?
The process was hard at first when you had to think of the words other wise mostly easy.

What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap?
I enjoyed the part when we had to think of the words because that was the most challenging things.

What might be your next step?
My next step will be to find a great beat to go with my rap.

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