Personal descrption

The person I am about to describe is a good friend of mine. She has black glasses and a small nose, rosey red cheeks, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, freckles and  red pinkish lips.

Her hobbies are Netball, Tennis and Swimming. She likes Netball because she is awesome at it and she likes it because she is great in all positions like Attack.

Her Dislikes are Annoying siblings because they annoy her by calling her names and following her around. She also hates annoying things like chatterbox people that hit her or yell in her ear.                   

She is caring because if you are sad she will cheer you up by saying nice and funny things. She is also, helpful, silly, competitive,  amazing, funny and fun.

She is the best and she is my friend Annabel Keylard.

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Term 1 Goal Review and Next Steps


My Measurement goal was Read and explain every day time problems this was my goal because it was at the top of my gaps and because I didn't know how to use analogue clock.  Now I also know how to read an analogue clock and convert time to 24 hour. So 2:00 pm in 24 hour time would be 14:00 pm  because it is 14 hours after midnight and 3:00 pm would be 15:00 pm.

Dance Term 2

I’ve enjoyed doing the hip hop dance that we learned, my favourite move was the freestyle, because you could do what you wanted.

I’ve been challenged by the 'Cha cha' because we had to hold hands with a boy and it wasn't just one boy, it was six or seven.

I found that in the Cha cha, the basic step was linked to every step. The basic step for the girls went back, rock, side, together, side. The boys went front, rock, side, together, side.