Personal descrption

The person I am about to describe is a good friend of mine. She has black glasses and a small nose, rosey red cheeks, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, freckles and  red pinkish lips.

Her hobbies are Netball, Tennis and Swimming. She likes Netball because she is awesome at it and she likes it because she is great in all positions like Attack.

Her Dislikes are Annoying siblings because they annoy her by calling her names and following her around. She also hates annoying things like chatterbox people that hit her or yell in her ear.                   

She is caring because if you are sad she will cheer you up by saying nice and funny things. She is also, helpful, silly, competitive,  amazing, funny and fun.

She is the best and she is my friend Annabel Keylard.

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Term 1 Goal Review and Next Steps


My Measurement goal was Read and explain every day time problems this was my goal because it was at the top of my gaps and because I didn't know how to use analogue clock.  Now I also know how to read an analogue clock and convert time to 24 hour. So 2:00 pm in 24 hour time would be 14:00 pm  because it is 14 hours after midnight and 3:00 pm would be 15:00 pm.

Dance Term 2

I’ve enjoyed doing the hip hop dance that we learned, my favourite move was the freestyle, because you could do what you wanted.

I’ve been challenged by the 'Cha cha' because we had to hold hands with a boy and it wasn't just one boy, it was six or seven.

I found that in the Cha cha, the basic step was linked to every step. The basic step for the girls went back, rock, side, together, side. The boys went front, rock, side, together, side.

The Magical Fire

               WALT: I can use a text structure that is appropriate to the purpose                                              


All you can see it Black grey smoke Rainbow flames and it started 3 years ago and it was a hot and windy day when it happened someone started it know one knows Who but know one new that it was helping them live cause years before they were running out of food and water until the…..

Paraghragh 1
Once upon a time their was a  leprechaun called Annabel.  She was the one that started the fire 3 years ago. When she started it she was. Silly but now she is a nice person. So that's why she is trying to solve this problem with us. Because she started it but when she made it she used basically every bit of magic that she had in her. So she does not know if it has grown back but she is worried to try do it again.

Paraghragh 2

So they went up the hill to check out why their was no more smoke. That's when they discovered that the magic fire was put out. Annabel ran off we have no idea why but was it because the clouds tasted funny like spicy hot sauce. Or was it because she made that fire and hated seeing it go down. She saved the whole world with that fire what is she going to do.

Paraghragh 3

Ok so there's no fire what about we make a new one. we can use all of our powers to build a new one and we could totally put cameras up to. 2 months later the fire was running swell. But they were watching the cameras once and there was a person with dust to put  the fire out. They caught him luckily and the problem was solved and that was the story of the magical fire.

By Aysha Henderson

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:

IALT: Be Confident in giving everything a go.

Trying something if i am worried about trying it and giving. it a go Even if I am scared.
Have a growth mindset

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:

IALT: Use more punctuation in my writing.

If i am writing read it out loud so i can know. Where the punctuation will go.
Using buddy check
Proofreading and editing

Multicultural Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did learning about Russia and how to use chopsticks.

I learnt how to use chopsticks
I enjoyed picking up the jellybeans with chopsticks
I was most fascinated by how hard and difficult it was to use chopsticks

A question I have is how did they build the wooden building in Russia without any nails?


WALT  follow the statistical enquiry cycle and conduct my own statistics investigation.  


  1. The purple one is other sports and it is the most popular.
  2. Hockey is the least favourite sport.
  3. Gymnastics and Rugby were the same amount.