Book Week Dress up day

Red and White aka Read and Write
Celebrating: Where’s Wally’s 30th Anniversary and Dr Seuss’s 60th Anniversary

As part of Literacy Week there is a dress up day to come as your favourite book character.

Add a photo of you from the dress up day
Add a photo of the front cover of the book your character is from

Who’s your favourite book character and why?

Add your quick write here

I am being Angelina ballerina because she is really nice and she likes to help people. She also loves to dance with her best friend Alice Alice has a green outfit and Angelina has a pink. I have always liked Angelina because she is resilient when their are problems and everybody likes. All she wants to do is do ballet and hang out with her friends.

When Angelina was little she used to love dance but her parents didn’t let her do dance but when she got older they did when she started dance the teacher said that she would be an amazing dancer when she is older. When she started dance she met Alice now Alice and her are best friends and do everything together.

2017 Athletics Reflection

1.How well did I use a growth mindset to stay positive when the competition got tough?

I used a growth mindset when I was doing sprints because I didn’t think I could do it but in the end I did it. I stayed positive When I did discus because I was worried that the discus wouldn’t make it far.

2.Did I manage to achieve my athletics goals and why/why not?

I didn’t manage to achieve my goal because it was to make it to zones for something but we are going to do shotput today and I might make it in but my main goal was to make it to zones or get in Top 3 or Top 5 but sadly that didn't happen.

3. In what ways did I represent my House well in the competition?

I represented my house because I got some pozis and house points.

4. What did I do well and how do I know?
I did my discus well because I think that I though it really well I know this because for a little bit there was a flag in the ground where my discus landed.  

5. What was challenging and how do I know?

My high Jump was challenging because the first time I jumped I accidently put my left leg first so I went to jump from the left but from then on I kept jumping with my right leg on the left side.

6. What am I most proud of and why?

I am most proud of discus because I think I threw the discus far. The other thing I am proud of is my long jump because I think that I jumped and I get far but not far enough to go to zones.   

South West Canterbury

In this information report you are going to hear questions about sperm whales for example What do sperm whales feed.

How old do sperm whales have to be to mate?
Female sperm whales need to be at least 7-13 years old and 8.3-9.2 meters long. They only mate every 3-6 years. Also the female sperm whales try to give birth in tropical waters because it is warmer for them and their calves. Male sperm whales aren’t sexually active until they are 18. Also they should be 11-12 meters long.

How do sperm whales feed?

Females dive to at least 3,280 feet just to get their food which is 999.7 meters the percentage of the female's diet is 80% of their diet is  giant squid the left over 20% is made up of Octopus, fish, crab, shrimp and even small bottom living sharks. Males diet  is the same but they dive to at least 3,936 feet and in meters that is 1199.7 meters.

Are male and female sperm whales different sizes?
Males and females are the same size but here are the sizes for the ages they are all different. Old Adult is usually 18 metres long Normal Adult is 9 meters an immature is 12 metres and a calf is 4.5.

What do Sperm Whales eat?
Sperm whales eat giant squid, fish, octopus, crab, small bottom living sharks and shrimp. Both males and females eat the same food. Sperm whales have to hold their breathe for at least ninety minutes so that they can dive to the bottom of the ocean to get their food especially giant squid. Imagine holding your breathe for ninety minutes.

Are male and female sperm whales different sizes?
Males and females are the same size but here are the sizes for the ages are all different. Old Adult is usually 18 metres long Normal Adult is 9 meters an immature is 12 metres and a valve is 4.5.

Where do sperm whales live?
Sperm whales can be found in any ocean because they are divided into the top side of the equator and the bottom under the equator that divides the world. The females and the baby whales from the species spend more time in the temperate regions than the males. The females and the baby whales migrate to the north too but they come a while after the males because they usually stay in the temperate regions for longer. The males like to move around the place and spend less time in the temperate regions. Instead they like to range from the equator to the polar regions. These places are colder than the temperate regions because the word polar means the north or south poles.

5 facts about sperm whales are:
  1. This is the largest of the toothed whales.
  2. They are also the largest toothed predators of the other animals.
  3. The sperm whales were used when NZ ( New Zealand) was first discovered by the Maori people. This was used for food. Scientist have estimated that there may be two hundred thousand or even one million sperm whales left out in the wild.
  4. It may seem like there are heaps but there are heaps being killed each year.
  5. Soon there won’t be any sperm whales left because they are getting killed for their meat and oil.

Creative Plan

We are going to make…….
The resources we’ll need will be (coloured paper, paint, small box, poster paper…)
Coloured paper, Sperm whale pictures and maps peice of cardboard.
Sketch a picture plan here and insert into this document.
Make it

Take a photo of the finished product and insert this into the document.

Term 4 Learning Goal

Term 4 Learning Goal

My Learning Goal
Try harder in my maths because right now I have been taking the easy questions. In term four I am going to challenge myself to take the harder questions.
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.

I am going to do this by if I get to options and one is easy and the other is hard I will pick the hard.
Challenge myself with tricky questions.
Ask for help if the questions are too hard.
Practice at home and in SML time.
Continue getting Mathletics points each week.
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
I will know I have done the because I would be finding myself doing all the hard things not easy.
My Learner Qualities Goal
Collaborate because I just work with my friends when I really need to work with others in the Year 6 Hub.
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
By if my friends want to work with me and someone that I don’t usually work with asks me to work with them then do it.
Try to work with different people all the time.
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
I will be working with people I don’t usually work with

Empathise and Communicate

Learner Qualities: Empathise and Communicate

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.15.37 PM.png

Share at least 3 example of how you have shown empathy recently. Add a photo if you can.
  1. I have shown empathy by when my friend was stuck I imagined how she was feeling.
  2. While Jessica was away sick I was thinking about how she was feeling.
  3. I imagined how my friend was feeling when she had no one to play with.

Share at least 3 examples of how you have communicated in different ways this term. Add photos if you can.
  1. I have communicated with my friends when they needed help.
2.I have communicated when people talk to me.

3.  I have communicated by sharing my ideas.