Term 1 2014 Written Language

WALT write a timed recount about a time when we did something special with our whanau or family.
Write about:
·      when and where you did something special
·      who was with you
·      what you did (think about the order you did things)
·      how you felt and why you felt this way.

By Aysha Henderson

I went to Greymouth with my dad to see my cousins and Nana and my Aunt because I have not seen them in ages. Their names are Jessica, and James. My Aunt’s name is Linda and my Nana’s name is Diana. I slept in Jessica and James’ room that have a bunk bed. I slept with Jessica. Jessica is older than James and we all like the pool and Nana had a pool. Then Aunt took us shopping to get a dress for me and Jessica. We got to choose which one. I wanted the colourful one and Jessica wanted the flower one that was pink. Then we went to the pet store to look at some puppies. I liked the blue American Staffie and Jessica the same one. Then we went back home to get in the spa pool because it was very hot that day. I felt very happy. Well James and Dad went fishing. Then at dinnertime we had McDonalds for tea. Then we watched a movie and then it was bedtime because we have a big day tomorrow and we had McDonalds for breakfast.

Next steps

Try to start sentences in different ways – You have used “Then” 5 times.

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